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Bath Time can be Fun

by Jacci & Coco on February 05, 2021

At some point hopefully after a fun day at the beach we will need to have a bath, there are just a few things you need to know before you do this.

We are often scared of running or deep water, so if you are bathing us in the bath don’t fill it up and expect us to enjoy a swim well at least the first time.

Also, can you try to avoid suddenly turning the shower on full blast, unless of course you have the best shower head and it sprinkles down like light rain onto our fur.

Another issue with bathing us is the slippery surface – you want to avoid us twisting our backs suddenly, especially as we can be nervous. My Mum puts this cool non slip mat in the bath and it works pawfectly by stopping me from slipping and I feel far more secure.


What Pawrents Need For Our Bath:

Please be prepared. I suggest to pawrents get everything ready before you put us in the water. We will not sit in the tub while you look for things! This is far too boring for us


  • Peace and Calm - We like a little tranquility too and bathing can become a relaxing and enjoyable time for us Furbabies and Pawents alike.
  • Mild dog shampoo is preferable as we are sensitive little hounds. Pick a good shampoo that will not dry out our skin.
  • Towels (you may need a couple!) - one to dry us and one for you!
  • A container for pouring water
  • Warm water - not too hot or cold please.
  • Water level to just under our bellies.
  • A warm room - Please don't bath us in a cold or draughty place. I'm sure you would want to bath like that?
  • Don't make a big issue of the bath time pick up casually and carefully.
  • Treats - yum yum we always like a treat.


 Words Of Wisdom From My Mum About Bathing

  • Gently lower your Dachshund into the water. Soothing words from you help it if they are not used to bathing.
  • Use the container and gently pour water over your Dachshund.
  • Pour a small portion of dog shampoo into your hands and rub them together
  • Gently massage the shampoo into your Dachshunds coat – covering their body
  • Avoid their face and ears.
  • Use the container and gently pour water over your Dachshund.
  • Run your hand from your Dachshunds neck to tail to help remove excess water and shampoo.
  • Repeat until they are shampoo free – don’t forget their belly
  • Pull the plug if in a bath. If not leave water until your Dachshund is out.


After Your Furbaby's Bath

  • Be prepared for your Dachshund to want to wiggle and push away from you when you pick them up.
  • If possible, place the towel over your Dachshund while they are still in the bath.
  • Ok, pick them up and try to avoid them twisting their backs.
  • f they are calm, then gently pat them dry with the towel or rub gently in direction of fur growth.
  • After a quick towel drying or if they are wiggling too much – Let Them Loose
  • Keep your Dachshund warm.
  • Do not let your Dachshund outside – he will roll in the dirt and if it is cold out he could get sick.

Your Dachshund will most likely excitedly run around the room and roll around to dry off. If you do not want them doing this directly on your furniture, put a towel down for them – preferable on a soft surface. They will be dry in a very short time and enjoy the wiggling so please let them do this. It reinforces bathing and makes it a more positive experience.


Washing Your Furbaby's Face & Ears

  • When they calm down (or another day) this is time to wash their face and ears
  • Use a soft cloth and wet with warm water
  • Gently wipe their face and ears in the direction of their fur growth
  • Do not push the cloth inside their ears – just wipe the outside – but use this time to also check the inside of their ears are free of excess dirt or ticks
  • Use vet approved ear cleaning cloths to gently clean the inside of his ears

This method of using a soft wet cloth can be used on their whole body when a quick clean up is needed. Perhaps after a walk in the rain you might want to wipe them down.

A cloth soaked in a few drops of vinegar added to warm water also works very well and in most cases is all that your Dachshund would need to keep his coat clean.

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